Is it still a dream. . .


. . . if your eyes are wide open?


Once in a while we are blessed with things in our lives that are extraordinary to say the least, things that outshine all the little things we’ve done so far. I have been writing for many years—I wrote letters to my mom for homework, created short stories to keep busy, and then with the creation of Facebook and other social media, I began sharing my inspirational poetry with the world.


After years of nudging, prodding, and pushing by those in my life who enjoyed what I wrote, I pursued publication. There are so many different avenues one can take in the industry, but after much deliberation (with myself) I chose to self-publish, and with the help of Rachel Small of Faultless Finish Editing and Susan Toy of Island Cat Editions, I put my little book together with the hopes of sharing it with the world not connected to social media (one does exist).


BawB’s Raven Feathers was introduced to the world as a small dust-jacketed hardcover book because I like the romance behind hardcover editions—there’s just something about a hardcover book that remains, well, real I guess.  When I received the first five hundred copies at my door, I was immediately transformed into a promoter, distributor, and salesman for my little book.


To keep this long story short (I’m trying not to write another book here), that one extraordinary thing that happened in my life, no, wait, the three extraordinary things that happened are as follows: I wrote a book, I sold over three hundred copies without leaving the city, and I was picked up by Greg Ioannou of Iguana Books. Now, my little book is officially available through Iguana Books, Amazon (ebook and print) Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony, Kobo, and Kindle. And of course, the hardcover version will always be available through my website and at the wonderful stores around town that support me: Our Angels Center for Wellbeing, New Age Books & Crystals, Soulfood Books Etc, The Divine Mine, The Bullet Cappuccino Bar, Pages Books, Shelf Life Books and the U of C Bookstore, as well as All Things Beautiful Books & Gifts in Invermere, BC.


Yes, my little book is now being shared with the world, my dream is now a reality, and my eyes are wide open. I am absolutely thrilled with my life, my adventure, and the future that awaits. And my dream continues, as volume II will be at the presses soon and there are many more volumes to follow.


None of this tho’ could ever be without first believing, in me, in you, and in the power we all share to shape our destiny by just thinking positive thoughts and sharing our smiles.



4 comments on “Is it still a dream. . .

  1. congratulations Bob , you deserve the success … max

  2. I felt a little happy inside after reading your story. It’s really inspiring and I felt happy for you also. Keep up the good work and success will follow! 🙂

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