Pressure isn’t pressure. . .


. . . until you’re under it.


It was finally nice outside last week, so I eagerly got started on the spring yard chores. I also took the camper in for service and went for a ride on the glide. But, these things took time. The time I usually allot for writing was used up by early morning walks outside, then chores. As a result, I would miss my writing “window.”  Seriously, I get it, writers write, but they also have to live like everybody else, and I wait patiently all winter to get out and enjoy the spring and summer months.


My passion involves pavement, a destination, and adventure. Yes, these things can be achieved in the winter months, but it’s a little tougher riding a motorcycle with snow tires. Plus, the camper needs water to provide me with life’s necessities, and, alas, water loses its liquid state at 0 degrees Celsius. Interestingly enough, all of my mates also share the same passions, so suffice it to say the kitchen table solve-the-world’s-problems sessions are now few and far between, as we are all out somewhere doing something in the great outdoors.


What does this mean to the world, you ask? Well, I am now feeling pressure. Yes, I have been walking away from the keyboard and saying “maybe tomorrow.” But how can I truly walk away now? Those of you who have just found me are now learning about me, and those who know me are happy to read what I write to fill the void of a couple of minutes every Monday morning.


Now I find it necessary to ask all of you, my fellow writers and bloggers, how difficult do you find the task of sitting down in these early weeks of spring? Are you dedicated, and if so, how do you work through the call of the wind? Would I be shunned or chastised by the blogging community if I were to post every two weeks, or three? What happens to those who blog on an every-now-and-then basis? Do they have followers? Do their followers stay? Do we write for ourselves or for everybody else?


I worry because I have become dedicated, not to anyone in particular but to myself. This is something I have chosen to do, and I enjoy it, but I also enjoy other passions. I just gotta ride when I can. I need to feel the wind.


Don’t give up, don’t quit on yourself, be true to what you do.

Whenever you feel an urge to live, then do what’s best for you.






2 comments on “Pressure isn’t pressure. . .

  1. Lots of bloggers take breaks! To me, a really good blog post is better than a blog post someone felt forced to writer, whether it was someone else who forced them to write it or a commitment to a schedule that forced them to write it. Maybe this is a sign you need a wee, spring blogging break to stretch your legs and hit the open road 🙂 I’ll look forward to reading your posts when you get back!

  2. Although it is good to write on regular basis, writing when you are forcing yourself to write is not a good thing. If you do, it automatically reflects in the quality of work you are doing.
    Moreover, I feel that writing is something which you do for yourself, but at the same time also for others, so that you can convey your thoughts to them. 🙂

    So in short, write whenever you feel like writing, not when you are supposed to. 🙂

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