Do you ever think about. . .


. . . what to think about?


So there I was, writing in my office the other day. I drifted off for a moment to a conversation I had recently with two wonderful friends. We talked about writing and how hard it can be, especially if you try to do it every day. We unanimously agreed that to write every day, you must be able to focus on something—a thought, an image; you really have to think about what to write. But have you ever really thought about thinking?


We do it every day, without even thinking about it. We constantly calculate, deviate, procrastinate, and elevate with our minds. Now, sit down and write about it. Yeah, that’s the dilemma. Once you start thinking about writing about things you think about, you will likely find that your mind will empty itself of every thought you have ever experienced. Seriously, sit down, grab a pen or a keyboard, and instantly you will see the beauty that is a blank piece of paper, and how Zen-like it is. Why mess it up with silly black letters, the paper should remain clean and uncluttered.


The further you get from the task of writing, thoughts will begin to return to your head. Did I feed the cat? I wonder if that yogurt I just ate has expired. I should water the plants. Writing is now the very last thing you can think about doing, because there is just so much else to do. Well, all is not lost. The process of thought, and not just for writers, is as easily controlled as breathing, or so I have discovered. But wait, you say, you don’t think about breathing, you just do it. That’s right, and you don’t think about thinking either. It is just something you do. Naturally.


You wake every morning, go through your routine, and head off to work to do what you do without thinking. Then before you know it you are back home resting your overworked mind that you have used all day to make things happen. Welcome to life. Now that I have clarified a little about what I think about thinking and writing, you may have a little more insight into the powers of the mind, think about how happy you could be if you just gave it some thought. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.


If you choose to become a writer and you practice in the art of not thinking, you can then sit comfortably and not think about something to write about. Or better yet, grab a book and read—immerse yourself in a story that takes your thoughts away to a place you have never thought about.


Believe in you and all you do and think of you with pride

All you’ve done is worthy I think of a smile from deep inside.






4 comments on “Do you ever think about. . .

  1. chesinebycos says:

    That’s a nice tip for writers! Thanks! 🙂

  2. redjim99 says:

    We are bombarded these days aren’t we. So sitting and resisting is considered a sin now. Despite knowing it does us good..

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