If opportunity knocks. . .


. . . will you hear it?


Society today is so fast paced and “hurry-up” oriented that I fear many people miss opportunities simply by never hearing the knock at their door. And I am certain that even if they do hear the knock, they don’t always recognize the opportunity.  Opportunity can be a chance occurrence, a happenstance that changes the life of some fortunate soul. But sometimes (and I speak from experience), waiting for that chance, waiting for that knock on the door is just not enough — sometimes we have to build our own door and make sure it opens for us.


When I sat down to write this post, I couldn’t help thinking that this would be an easy topic to write about , but I was mistaken. Although the opportunity was there, the words were not. In my original draft, I actually went into a bit of a rant about how young people these days ignore opportunities and are only glued to their technology. This rant was due mainly to my old-school thoughts and upbringing. I couldn’t help but hear my Dad over my shoulder saying, “Son, if you keep those things in your ears [earbuds], you’re going to miss the sound of opportunity.” I don’t know if this is true anymore. Young people these days seem able to multitask with a greater degree of efficiency and are honing different types of skills through technology—skills I never knew existed. I am grateful I had an opportunity to reflect for a moment and write about a concept we all may see differently.


Regardless of what skills you possess,  never take what you can do for granted. Even if you’re working in a job you don’t particularly like at the moment, it could be a doorway to something different. Whatever you find yourself doing right now, today, could very well be your opportunity to excel at something. Why not? Can you step back and look at it from a different perspective? Can you tweak what you are doing just a little to facilitate new opportunities? Is there an opportunity for change in your life right at this very moment?


When you wake each morning, remember that it is a brand new day. Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow will get here in time, so take this opportunity to do something new today, for you. Change the way you do things, take a different route to work, wear a smile all day, be happy being you. Notice your surroundings. If you are outside then breathe, feel the sun on your face, live, and make your life worthwhile. I hope that you all are granted that one-game changing opportunity at the most rewarding time possible.


Don’t waste your time by being halfhearted, make the choice to grow,

Enjoy each day as it comes to you, and be proud of what you know.






2 comments on “If opportunity knocks. . .

  1. Excellent post, Bob. Love it.

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