Life always looks good. . .


. . . through rose colored glasses.


And what’s wrong with that? I have been accused many times of wearing shaded lenses when I look at life, but I am okay with this because it’s my life and wearing them makes me smile. Your life is yours to shape, change, alter, or manipulate any way you choose. Even if you choose not to make a change you have made a choice—it’s that easy. So, I choose every day to see the goodness in everything. I try to relate to those having a bad day and turn it around for them.  I do my best to reflect a smile when all I get is a frown.


Indeed, the energy you send out to the universe is the energy you will get back. Case in point, my little book was only a dream until it became a reality: I had to make it happen. During the course of fruition, my thoughts and emotions were all over the map, I was scared, apprehensive and even doubtful at times, but I never took off my rose colored glasses. I replaced “what if it fails” with “I will succeed,” and “no one will take me seriously” with “I believe in me,” and the world has shared in this belief.


You might be thinking to yourself, “the world? He’s only one man living in Calgary with a handful of friends.” This is true, but the handful of friends I have all believe, and that means the world to me. To understand life, we first need to look at life, and if you look at it every day with a positive perspective (rosy outlook), you will see only the good things looking back at you.


I ask all of you reading my words to take off your dark glasses, put away your trepidations, and celebrate life—all life: animals, plants, and humans. Everything is here on this planet to live in harmony, to share existence, to share beauty, and to simply be. Choose to “see” with your heart for even five minutes today. Look around you and recognize the wonders of life, put on some rose-colored glasses, and spend your day being positive.



Believe in you and others too, your smile is free so wear it,

Positive energy comes back to you if you’re not afraid to share it.





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