Do you look for the lessons. . .


. . . or just live with the learning?


In my travels I have learned many things—too many for one blog, but not enough to fill a book. I have, as you know, created one small book with what I have learned so far about life, the first of many volumes, but I don’t believe any one human being could fill a book with all the things we need to learn about living, because we all learn different things differently. There are those who see a flower and learn to appreciate its beauty, and then there are others who seek to learn of the flower itself, its structure, and why it is beautiful.


I have learned that beauty surrounds us and is very calming, but that is not enough for me. I seek to know more about the calm energy in beauty. I would like to know why a flower holds our eyes for that one second. I want to understand the whole picture, not just because it is a flower, but because it is so intricate—the color, the softness, the energy, and the beauty, all in perfect balance.


I have learned that something as delicate and intricate as a flower must turn and face the sun, it must close its petals when it’s cold, and it must be the most colorful in the garden in order to attract the creatures that gather and spread its pollen. Is there a lesson in what I have learned? Yes—even the simplest of things in life have a reason for being.


We tend to take living for granted some days. When things become mundane or boring, we forget how easy it is for us to turn and face the sun, or  how to be our most colorful to attract the smiles we need to feel better. We forget that something as simple as tying our shoes had to be learned, and the lesson behind it is often forgotten: simple things need to be done first to facilitate forward movement. We need to learn not just the simple things, but the lessons behind them as well, then share them. Live for the learning, but seek the lessons.


For those days you feel “off” when you wake in the morning, remember the flower, its intricate beauty, its softness, feel it’s calm energy, and then like the flower, find a reason for you to simply be. Take a moment to find your calm and balance, a moment to focus and breathe, a moment to appreciate learning, living, and life.


Feel balance as you breathe today, seek the lessons of what you’ve learned;

Find a reason to simply be and share all the wisdom that you’ve earned.




One comment on “Do you look for the lessons. . .

  1. Beautiful post, BawB! Thanks for the reminder to always get back to basics.

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