Are you positive. . .


. . . that you are not negative?


How many times have you been told to think positively? And do you? I have found that thinking positively involves more than just putting a thought in your mind and holding it there for a few seconds. Thinking positively actually involves putting positive energy out to the universe. You friends, your family, your cats, your dogs — make sure everyone around you can feel your energy. Once your energy is positive, there is no room for shadows of doubt. The light from your soul will be too bright to allow negative influence into your life.


I talk about your “light” with the assumption (shame on me) that everyone is aware of his or her light. This light is your sparkle, your essence, your smile, and the cheeriness in your voice when you say good morning. And this inner essence of you is amplified by the amount of positive energy you emit. So essentially, if you wake up in the morning and just know in your heart it is a good day to simply be, then your energy will be positive all day and your light will shine brightly.


I speak from experience when I share with you these words. I have learned many things on my journey, and I choose to put a positive spin on every thing I’ve learned. I choose not to let negative energy find a foothold in my life, as it is much more beneficial for me to try and smile through every experience. I have found that if I don’t let myself be repressed by negativity energy, and then it becomes easier to focus on positive influences.


My adventures of late have taken me on a fabulous path of self-awareness; I threw away my old box and replaced it with a sphere of positive energy and positive people. Everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting recently has been filled with positive beliefs. They enjoy being, they enjoy what they do, they have a wonderful cognizant awareness of themselves, and most rewarding of all, they believe in me. They believe, as I do, that my book is a positive reflection of who I am and how I look at life.


Your book is being written day by day; you fill it with chapters of memories, lessons learned, shortcuts to success, drama, love and romance, and of course, images that make you smile. This book of yours is shared with family and friends, and it is your legacy, so fill it with positive pages.


Each step you take in a positive way will guide you further along.

Believe in you and what you do, and this will keep you strong.




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