If your progress is blocked. . .


. . . then change your direction


So here we are in November already. I have been officially “retired” for a year now, as of the second, and have learned a great deal within twelve months. Most importantly, I’ve learned that my definition of “retired” does not, by any means, involve sitting around doing nothing all day. Quite the opposite is true; I am as busy now as ever. I have also learned that I can call myself a published author and an up-and-coming writer. Finally, I’ve learned that writing can be a full-time career (as I’m sure many of you out there will attest to).


Now that my first book is out there in several stores in Calgary, I am finding it quite a challenge to learn all there is to know about marketing. The difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing is becoming much clearer to me now. I can put my book in every store in every city across the country, but if I am not in “the system,” no one will know it’s there. It’s my understanding that traditional publishers look after promotion and publicity for you to some degree, at a price of course, but a price that may be worth it, I’m now realizing.


Publishing my first book was an awesome experience, and I am getting some incredible feedback from the stores, but now I must think about the big picture: do I self-publish the remaining nine volumes or seek out some much-needed help through the traditional avenues? I am looking forward to the next little while, as my future is sure to unfold as per the wind’s wishes (and after some team meetings with my editor and my printer, of course). I am still seeking a designer, but as everything else has fallen into place on this wonderful adventure, I’m sure one will happen along and join me on my journey.


If someone were to ask me what the highlight of my publishing adventure has been so far ,  my first and most obvious answer would be the people I have met along the way. All of them have been patient, knowledgeable, and kind. The storeowners have welcomed my book and have given me space on their already full shelves, my friends have spread the word, and even the spirits are helping to make my journey a wonderful experience.


So now I entertain new courses, new paths—always growing, always learning.


Never give up on finding your way, should your inner compass fail

Believe in you and where you are, let your instincts then prevail.





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