Because you believe. . .


. . . therefore you are.


On many occasions I have written about life energy and the effects that simply being has on the whole of the universe. I was asked recently if I have ever experienced an out-of-body moment, and yes, I have. Through many long hours of peaceful meditation, soul searching, and thought-provoking tranquility, I have had the pleasure of finding out more about myself on a very open, spiritual level.


I have read books on spiritual healing, Shamanism, Buddism, and Taoism; I have talked to elders of all races and creeds; I have studied the martial arts and Tai Chi to find an inner calm. I formed my own conclusions; I developed my own mind and found my own balance. I learned to believe in myself and follow my focused vision. My “sight” became greater than that which only my eyes could see, and I learned I could “see” energy, read people, and go beyond that next bend if I allowed myself to stretch the limits of physical existence.


It is entirely possible to separate our physical bodies from our energy, our souls,  but it takes a great deal of focus and clarity. And it takes belief, in both who you are and where you are. What do you see when you close your eyes? Are your thoughts ethereal, or are you grounded, anchored to the earth? Relax, this is normal, we are creatures of the earth, so keeping your feet firmly planted is where you feel most comfortable. You can’t envision being somewhere else if you can’t let go of where you are, and you can’t let go of where you are if you can’t focus on anything further than a heartbeat away.


I have met some wonderful people recently who are indeed focused. They can not only “see” themselves, but they can also “see” and talk to others on a different energy level. This experience is more of a transfer of energy—real, focused energy. It is my belief that our energy does not cease to be when we cross the bridge. Instead, we continue on a different level. So many names and descriptions have been created and developed over the years to describe what transpires on a spiritual level, and so many beliefs have been created to justify what and how we should think.


Your life, your mind, your beliefs, and your balance are all yours to experience in any way that makes you feel comfortable. Make your own choices, believe in what you wish. And know that if you share your light energy with the universe from a balanced soul, it will share back with you the energy of universal happiness.


A river’s energy comes from single drops joined together to become one.

Life becomes living when single moments all join together to become fun.






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