To miss a moment spent. . .


. . . is to cherish a memory made.


I sat very quietly one night last week and pondered that which I miss the most in life. I recalled many souls, all incredibly important to me: my mom, my dad, my dog Eska, my friend David, and countless other dear souls who have crossed the bridge. However, I also began thinking of those who are alive yet distant— I remembered the friends who crossed my path years ago and made a difference in my life, the friends I haven’t chatted with for some time who have shared my path, and the new friends I have made recently who mean a great deal to me, all of whom share moments of my life, moments that will be missed, one day.


Over the course of the evening, I reviewed all I have learned over the years about what it means to miss someone. But then I wondered, is it safe to say that we can also miss things? Special inanimate objects that held sentimental value for us that may have been lost over the years? Is it also safe to say, then, that we can, on occasion, miss an occasion? A time in life when everything was different or better?


Then I started wondering why it is that we miss things even though we know life never stays the same. I began to think that life would be easier if we could simply recall those people and things we know will never come back and keep them as a cherished memory whenever we feel the need to smile, and instead, only miss the people and things in our lives that will be returning to us, because knowing they will be back makes us happy.


We are conditioned to hold on to the important people, things, and events—everything that has made a difference in our lives—and so we miss them when they are gone. I ended my evening of pondering on a positive note. Nothing in life is ever forgotten, good or bad, happy or sad: we simply remember everything that has made an impact in some way. I will continue to miss the people dear to me, the things I’ve had, and the events that have taken place in my life, but I will miss them in a positive way. Each person, thing, and event, played an integral role in me becoming who I am today. I do miss my mom, in a positive way, and I wish she were here to see my book, but it is because of her patience and guidance that I share my smile, and I know right now she is sharing hers.


No single moment is ever remembered, without having it’s own place in time,

Each moment I have is special to me because it is real and because it is mine.






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  1. Janine says:

    …..indeed my friend, indeed…..

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