Listen to the wind today. . .


. . . it speaks of change tomorrow.


I have been finding a great deal of peace lately—peace in my life, and peace in my world. I can’t account for it or explain it, but I suppose this peace is due to my choices, the paths I have chosen and the pride with which I walk them. As I iterate whenever I get the chance, our life force is energy. It is fluid and constantly changes if we let it. However, in order to make changes, we must first make choices.


The biggest change in my life came many years ago, when I chose to be me, not what society deemed I should be. I chose to be a free spirit, led by the wind, responsible for only my actions and the repercussions of my actions. I chose to follow no particular direction, no trail cut by others. I carved my own path and went my own way. This didn’t always prove to be the best way of life as I was met with much disdain. Society often frowns upon those wanting to lead others by experience rather than follow others’ example.


Now many years later, I have found a wonderful place to be, surrounded by positive energy and support, new friends willing to help me grow, and old friends happy to walk beside me. No expectations, no trepidations, just life the way it was meant to be—peaceful, with no stress and no worries. That is, of course, except for the worry of waking one morning with a blank slate—no thoughts, nothing to write. For an aspiring author, this thought can be a little unnerving at times.


Changes occur all around you every day, and often you are required to adapt to those changes. Most are out of your control; some, though, are within your design. Don’t be complacent: make your own changes. Let others adapt to you, your energy. You are alive, so make the choice to enhance your life. Enjoy being you. Make every effort to be the best you the world has ever seen.


Believe in you and all you do.


Feel the energy of the rising sun and the new day that it brings.

Listen to the wind today, share the song of change it sings.






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