It’s tough somedays to be an old soul. . .


. . .living in a young world.


I found myself in a very uncomfortable place the other day. I was in a world that was new to me, and strange. A world that I have been living in for over half a century had become a place I was uncomfortable in. Permit me, if you will, to take you back fifty years, to a place were I was happy being me. I played with my friends in my back yard, a phone hung on the wall and rang when someone was trying to get in touch with us, the doors to the house were always open, the keys to the car were always in the ignition, and the milkman used to say good morning when he delivered our milk.


Now, join me in today, fifty years later: no wall phones, no laughter coming from backyards. Cars don’t have keys anymore—they have fobs. And texting, tweeting, and Facebook has replaced verbal communication. I get progress, I understand the need to grow, and believe me, I fully acknowledge that technology needs to advance, but what kids today fail to grasp are the feelings that are lost in nonverbal dialogue.


I am often reminded, of course, that I have to get with the times and the program. Life is rolling and I need to keep up, but it’s tough sometimes. The generation ahead of me struggles to find comfort in doing the things that  used to come naturally, like simply communicating.  My generation struggles to find a new, natural way of using the tools of communication and the generations behind us struggle to understand what it is we are having problems with.


Well, I am getting better at understanding. I have wonderful teachers, and guides— kind souls who help me along the way. I understand a little better now the icons that have replaced the words: smiley faces 🙂 and hearts ❤ instead of “I’m happy you called” and “I love you.” I am told that text messages hold the same importance as spoken words and make it easier to say more things to more people without losing any time in the process.


No, I don’t “feel” old (heck, I’m barely over half a century!) but I just feel like I can’t keep up some days. I still click away with my two fingers on my Mac, writing my inspirational poetry, with hopes of inspiring the rest of you who have trouble keeping up to just relax and enjoy being you. The world knows you are here and appreciates the smiles you share as you watch it go by from your front porch.


You have an old soul that’s hard to change despite the dynamic force

Believe in all you’ve grown to know, and enjoy your life’s new course.






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