You must first close your eyes. . .

. . . in order to see with your soul.


So last week’s blog post raised a question: How do I “see” energy? I answered as best I could using two-dimensional media, but energy has many dimensions. It is difficult to describe through typed words. I explained that we have become complacent, that we look “at” things rather than into them. We see only what our eyes capture and not what is really there.


I have found a calm balance within my soul that allows me to see energy and to feel it. You know that “feeling” you get when you walk into a room and there is some overwhelming force present, that is energy. I know this may sound strange, but we all have our own energy and it is unique to you—it is your personality’s signature. It can be hidden or concealed temporarily but never for any great length of time, so people who are real and genuine can sell themselves as well as what ever products or services they are selling. Through genuine energy, deals can be made based on trust and a handshake.


Those of you out there who practice yoga likely know of a calm inner peace that exists and are aware of balance. If you add focus to this peace and balance, you will be able to see energy, or auras. All living things emit energy, and all of this living energy has depth and color. The key to seeing it is not looking for it. If you look for it you will see past it. You must look using the eyes of your soul.


My goodness, I just read what I’ve written so far, and this whole aura thing sounds complicated. But it’s not. Remember the 3-D art fad? If you looked into a pattern you would see an image. The trick was to “let go” of your vision to see something that was concealed. Well, the same principle applies to seeing living energy. If you look into something, the energy that surrounds it becomes visible, and if you allow your self to see with a calm, balanced focus, you will see color in that same energy.


Each color has meaning, the depth of the energy surrounding us has meaning, life has meaning, but before you amble off seeking energy and colors of life essence, remember the basic concept of life.


In order to love life, we pursue happiness, but will you know when you have found it? Do you think you are happy because other people tell you that you are? First, believe in yourself, and then you will find what makes you happy. Then you can share and receive happiness with and from others, from that happiness comes a calm inner peace, balance and focus, and from there, well, you get the idea, have fun.


See with your soul the colorful energy that exists in all living things

Then feel with your heart the happiness that all this energy brings.





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