If you measure your success. . .


. . . do you lose sight of its value.


How do you measure success? I tend to live life one day at a time with an open mind. Since I was a lad, I’ve believed that if I succeed at something then I have done well, and if I fail, then I have learned, which is success in itself. I have never really believed in competing, unless it was with myself—that way, I am never let down or built up. My expectations are consistent and balanced for the most part. Some highs and some lows, but nothing life altering.


Lately though, things have changed a bit—well, I guess it’s safe to say a lot. I have found a new purpose, a new way of feeling. Generally I have always felt good about being me because I wasn’t expected to do anything out of the ordinary. I shared my life with all those around me and tried to maintain a balance between living and working. I did my job well, and I lived my life as best I could. But there was always something I was good at, something that I grew to take for granted. I am able to “see” energy, light, auras. I can “see” people. I have helped people in trouble build bridges to new paths and find themselves. I guess I have been a healer of sorts.


My success at being happy being me comes from knowing myself from within, being comfortable with myself, and sharing myself with others. But until now, this success has not been measured. I have been unable to keep track of life; so far, life has just happened. I cherished the memories and the lessons, I looked forward to tomorrow, and I moved on. Now, however, I have shared my spirit, my words, and my energy in a form that can be measured, and what I am finding is that success is not a volume or a weight. Instead, it is a smile or a nod of acceptance from someone I have never met. It is recognition of my efforts, and the efforts of all those who have helped me be me so far and will continue to walk with me for the remainder of my journey.


Your success can indeed be measured, but not by any numeric amount. Measure the brightness of your smile, or the degree of the twinkle in your eye. Measure your body language—how are you sitting right now? Did you look at the ground when you walked to your office? Did you say good morning to people as you passed by them? Measure your successes by using a glass, but don’t pay attention to the volume of the liquid inside. Don’t worry whether it’s half empty or full; instead, be happy you have a glass with something in it. Enjoy the simple things.


Share your successes through the light in your soul;

The brighter your smile, the bigger your goal.






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