If you have chosen to take a step…

. . .  then you have moved forward.


The outcomes of your decisions are part of your life, and every decision is a learning experience. You must engage your skills, or learn new ones. I have made a lot of decisions this past week. I’ve stepped out of the box of my previous life and into one that fits my new, more open, lifestyle. Because I made the choice to share my words with the world, I am now responsible to do the work required to get my book “out there.” What I’m saying is, if you make a choice to follow a direction, then be prepared to follow it to the end.


Believe me, publishing a book has been the most life-changing experience imaginable. I’ve met wonderful, new people and have altered my path to accommodate new adventures. I have learned that if a change is necessary, I have to choose to make it happen. No one else is responsible for my happiness or my growth. I am comfortable knowing that if you wear a smile created by your heart, the energy you project will be felt before you walk into a room.


I have always been a morning person—I used to able to leap out of bed at 0530 and run to the window to greet the sun as it breaks the horizon. Well, I am a little slower to leap now as time is catching up a bit, but I still look forward to each new morning. Even more so now because each morning I am greeted by another shared smile on my Facebook page; each morning I get to brighten someone’s day by sharing some positive energy. I have indeed chosen to change not only my life but others’ as well, but I can’t do it alone. I want you to believe in you, and then tell two friends to believe in themselves. Create positive energy—positive energy flows through us to create balance and enhance our lives.


As I mentioned last week, we all may feel sometimes like we are nobodies, that we have no direction. But if you can recognize this lack of direction, you can choose a different path, a new direction. Change the way you think, repair your lack with confidence, believe in who you are, and be who you want to be—be somebody. You all know of life, you are all living it. It is yours, be it short, long, or as yet unmeasured, so make the choice to change it. I am no better than you, I am no different than you, but I have chosen to be a somebody. I would love to see the world get brighter by just one notch by increasing the population’s positive energy.


C’mon people, light up the world.


Take one step and you have moved, in a direction that you choose,

If you believe in the choice you made, then you can never lose






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