What a beautiful web we weave. . .


. . . when we choose to just to believe.


So many times, I have found myself in precarious positions where I am forced to deal with the repercussions of something I said. Though the human heart is the strongest muscle in the body, it is delicate. All my life, I have been told to be honest, with myself and with others. I was taught that if you tell the truth, you will never have to remember what it was you said, but I have also been taught that sometimes truth hurts others. I don’t want to hurt anybody, which then creates the above-mentioned precarious position.


I was raised by a kind soul, and in turn, became a kind soul. I think on the whole, the world is filled with wonderful people, but have we altered somehow what it means to be kind? Because of society’s influence on humanity, I believe we are all conditioned to hear what we want to hear and say what we think needs to be said, but is that real living? Is that being kind? Can we believe then, that what we are seeing or hearing is real? I don’t mean to sound like a doomsayer here, but with the invention of digital formatting, an image is no longer a reproduction of reality—an image can now be enhanced to suit the audience.


I suppose all of these thoughts are coming to light because I’ve just received my books, my reality—they came to my house in boxes, with my name on them, and in all of these copies of books, I have said not what needs to be said, but what I believe needs to be heard. The book is from my heart, and it is honest. What I say in it are things I believe the world already knows but sometimes forgets.


We need to remember just how important each and every person is. We need to believe in ourselves again. Do you honestly think that even for a moment I thought I could write a book? Well, all of you who are reading this believed in me. You were all honest with me, and so I started believing too. I contacted other believers, other kind souls, and they believed, so with no digital reproductions and no enhancements, we created a book. Just my words, my hugs, and my soul in a hardcover format that I can share with the people of world who choose to believe life is what we make it.


Make it happy.


Believe in yourself and believe in others, let them decide where to go,

Speak the words that come from your heart, let only your real smile show.







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