A question asked. . .

. . . is a lesson learned.

Why is it that men have a problem asking for directions? Is it biologically ingrained in our heads? I have to tell you, guys, it really isn’t as bad as you have been programmed to believe. Had I not sat down and done my research (as is common for me), I never would have found Rachel, my editor. I was not hesitant for even a second in asking her which way to go. Her answers were honest and informative, and she was patient and tolerant of my naïveté. And she pointed me in the direction of Susan my Promoter, whom I continue to hound with questions. So, as the saying goes, “Seek and ye shall find.”

Listening to certain people, you might think that such a simple thing as asking a question is the end of the world. Imagine what the world would be like if no one was brave enough to ask, “How did you do that?” or “Where do I go from here?” What I am seeing now, as the world evolves at ten times the speed it did only a hundred years ago, is the older we get, the more questions we have to ask our youth. They grow up with the electronics and are learning at a noticeably more rapid level. I learned math using a slide rule (look it up, kids) and a pencil, and no, I admit I was not a math wiz, but I learned my multiplication tables off by heart.

So now, it’s time for the old-school, foolishly proud gentlemen of the world to stand up and ask. That’s right, just ask—a co-worker, a friend, a stranger—really, go ahead. The world knows you’re out there. Don’t be afraid. Ladies, you are not totally off the hook regarding this new-world growth thing. If I understand life correctly, you usually want us guys to listen, not fix. Well, if the fellahs are going to start asking, please see it in your hearts to be patient with us, that would bring such balance to our world.

Seriously, I have learned so very much over the last eight months just from simply asking questions. And now, as I roll with the changes that occur on my journey, I try to share what I have learned with all of you. The most important things in life, like belief, pride, and kindness, are so easily forgotten—if you need a refresher on what’s important, just ask. And try asking yourself how you could be happier. You may be surprised with the answer. Life is full of lessons and learning, but not all we need to learn about life can be found without asking someone who has lived.

Take each step forward with not just your feet but use your mind as well,

Ask others for help along the way and you will soon cast off your shell.



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