If we practice being kind. . .


. . . will we ever become professionals at it?


When in life do we start understanding people and forgiving them for simply being human? In my writing, I promote general well-being and happiness. I speak often of life, and of living, of the simple things and the importance of balance. But do we need  our kindness tested every day? I find myself really noticing the dichotomies of people lately, the good and the bad, the extremes some folks need go to, to just simply BE.


I could at this point write a book—no, wait, I already have written a book. Well, I could surely start a rant about all the misgivings and drama one might experience in a normal day, but instead, I will just acknowledge that you are not alone out there. Bad things do happen to good people, and the frustrating part is, we are all guilty of expecting it, because in our mind, we are thinking something bad is going to happen. How then can we overcome this overwhelming urge to think negatively?


Here’s a suggestion: live your life knowing you can’t change that which you do not control. The daily flow of life will then surely be easier to handle. For example, I recently had a snafu at a furniture store, and yes, I was upset for a moment. Like almost everybody else, I expect things to go a certain way. Surprise! This is not the way life is. Life is a river, remember. It is full of eddies, twists, rocks, and obstacles, but it keeps flowing. With this knowledge in mind, I voiced (calmly) my dissatisfaction with the way those folks were conducting their business, and I made what I had work until they satisfy my order, now it is my choice whether or not I shop there again.


We are all in the same river—we can either go with the flow or be tossed around by the current, or worse, stuck in an eddy going round and round. Believe me, I know how hard it is sometimes to let things go. I have experienced my share of bad things, and I have shared in the bad things that have happened to others in my world. There are things we cannot change, there are people that will not change, and there will always be a balance of good and bad things in our lives. Each and every one of us needs to control the balance by staying positive. Don’t lose faith in yourself or your world—ride on top of the river and enjoy the view. You will get to where you are going, just stay relaxed until you get there.


The river of life will continue to flow, whether you’re ready or not,

Enjoy it then as you drift along, as it’s the only life you’ve got.






One comment on “If we practice being kind. . .

  1. Heather says:

    Thanks for the insights, BawB. This sounds very much like one of my Life Mantras (Mantra #4): ‘Control the things you can control, and deal with the things you can’t.’ Life isn’t fair or unfair, life is just life. It’s how you live it that makes the difference. It’s the frame of mind you get out of bed with that determines what the rest of the day will be like. 🙂

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