Don’t expect the unexpected. . .


. . . and you’ll never be disappointed.


I often find life so much more rewarding if I give myself credit for what I consider to be a job well done, rather than wait for someone else to recognize my achievements. I believe in my abilities, I have faith in my judgement, and most importantly, I do trust my instincts. That being said, I also try not to have expectations. I will take life as it comes, because after all, life is what it is.


I am so very fortunate to have been given the chance to live my life the way I’ve chosen to live it. Some have been disappointed with my choices along the way, but I’ve always been happy with them. I’ve learned my lessons, adapted to my environment, and shared what I’ve learned with anyone willing to listen. I have found that life is indeed what we make it, and with this in mind, we have the chance to create a happy life for ourselves by making the right choices.


A while back, I chose to express my thoughts in writing—the importance of simplicity, of sharing a smile, of believing in yourself, and of greeting each new day with a big breath and a deep appreciation for life. I never imagined that these expressions would amount to anything. I certainly never expected anything. And now, as I sit here this morning and share my thoughts, I don’t even wonder about who may read them. I am happy that I have the ability and the means to share them, and I am glad that I may bring a smile or a moment of tranquil thought to someone out there.


I find it so very amazing that through the help of some very talented people, I will soon, as will you, hold in my hands the result of having no expectations. I will see what mind over matter really looks like (I don’t mind, so it doesn’t matter), and I will definitely give myself credit for doing something that means so much to me. Oh, and believe me, I couldn’t have done this alone, so there is also credit due to all of you who helped me achieve this milestone.


Don’t expect anything in life that is out of your control,


Believe in you and what you do, ’cause that’s just how you roll.






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