No matter where it is you go. . .

. . . there you will be.


I left the city once to find myself, I was searching for my soul

I set up camp on a mountainside with surviving as my goal

I noticed one day in the wilderness a Raven overhead

He stayed with me the entire day, until I went to bed.


When I awoke the following morn, he was sitting on my table

My first thought that day was quite obscure, like living in a fable

He showed no fear, my Raven friend, in fact he was quite calm

It was as though we’d met before, I fed him from my palm.


He spread his wings, so beautiful, and he shared with me a smile

The rest of the day we talked about life, he stayed for quite a while

I didn’t think that this was strange, in fact I welcomed him there

Somehow I knew that we were friends by the looks that we would share.


I stayed alive in the wilderness, and grew quite fond of life

You learn an awful lot about living when there isn’t any strife

And yet I wondered each and every day why my Raven friend would stay

He never left while I was awake, and we talked the entire day.


Up and down the sun would dance, at night I would look for him

Now and then I would catch a glimpse of his shadow on a limb

As I slept, my mind was calm, I didn’t have to clear it

Because of this I saw one night, a handsome Raven spirit.


In the world of dreams I was relaxed, and felt calm from deep inside

Because this ethereal Raven spirit was going to be my guide

In fact, my friends, the truth be known this Raven there with me

Has been at my side for many lives, he has kept my spirit free.


My journey took me to this wonderful place, and I learned how just to BE

I was introduced to my inner being and was really glad to see

That for this life and many more, I’ll have company where I go

I have my Raven at my side, and this I’ll always know.


We all have strengths and unique gifts, but sometimes we fail to hear

The song of the wind that sings to us and takes away our fear

Living shouldn’t be an arduous task, in fact it should be fun

Believe in yourself and your spirit guide, and dance to the sound of your drum.







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