If you work at doing nothing. . .


. . . is that considered a job.


I have often been asked what it is I do with my time when I am not working. I suppose the best way to answer that would be, “Who says I’m not working?” Whose standard or definition defines “Work?” I know for a fact if you were to ask a mother looking after her children what she does when she is not working, she would likely pop you right in the nose because being a mom and raising children IS work.


Now go ask a writer, a gardener, a beekeeper, or an editor what he or she does to keep busy and see what kind of an answer you get. The way I see it, work is defined as a productive or operative activity, so we who work from home are happier to be doing our part for society by being productive at whatever it is we do.


I do enjoy being up every morning at 0500 to start my daily ritual: coffee on, dog out, write something inspiring (which pretty much sets the tone for my whole day), and then figure out what needs to be done. Since I walked away from the university seven months ago, I have built bridges to places I have never been, have seen things that I never had time to see, and have started living a life I have never had the opportunity to experience. When people ask me what it is I do, my answer is always the same: I do whatever needs doing.


I’m sharing this with you because a lot of folks are afraid of retiring, scared of what the future might hold when they stop working. Well, believe me, I have never been this happy, or this busy, doing nothing. That’s not to say I sit around the house all day doing nothing—in fact, just the opposite is true. When we are released from our planned routines, from doing what others expect, we begin to adapt and create time for ourselves, to do things that should be done to create a better life for ourselves.


I know that right now there are bills to pay, kids to raise, mortgages, cars—life can get in the way of living. Just don’t be afraid of life. You have one—enjoy it. Practice being happy doing nothing. Relax, put your feet up, because one day, this will be your “job,” and the better you are at being happy, the less you will have to “work” at it.


There’s nothing wrong with taking your time, when it comes to doing your thing,

You’re the only one who needs to know how much happiness it brings.





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