If you believe it can be. . .

. . . then it will be.

For the better part of my life, I never really believed in myself. I always had fun, I was surrounded by good people, and I sort of had a direction to follow, but I never finished things. I was prone to getting a handle on something and then letting it go to pursue something else. Now as luck would have it, I was always pretty good at  the challenges I took on. I didn’t have to believe in my abilities, I generally just had to hang on.

This week, I write about belief because a short time ago, I started believing that my ability to express my thoughts meant something to other people. I believe that I have found my calling. I believe I am doing the right thing, and I am having fun. What I find really exciting is that everything is coming together—because of all of you out there, my book is a reality. Now if you all tell two friends, we can share smiles and energy with everyone who needs them.

And yes, if any of you are wondering, this whole experience has been exhilarating.

I have met some wonderful people, I have learned about new levels of patience, I have shared in lessons of guidance and expression. I have managed to do what others dream of doing. I wasn’t the first, nor will I be the last—books have been around forever, and they will remain a part of us all. This, however, is my first book, and if all goes well, it won’t be my last. You all have enjoyed what I have shared over the years in my daily words of inspirational rhyme, and I am continuing to have fun with my words every morning.

I now have an opportunity to share with you my writings in print, in a beautifully designed book, with the help of Rachel, Jenny, Susan, and Jessee. The book will be sent in for printing soon, and I can’t wait to actually hold in my hands the result of just simply being me and believing in what I can do.

If you would like to preorder a copy @ $19.95, you can send me an email at either:




I am working on my web page as we speak and will be putting together the finishing touches on everything in the next few weeks. I have added a page to my site here to give you an opportunity to see the cover. Details will follow.  Please share in my excitement and tell your friends.


I looked to the heavens and saw a star, and it looked back at me.

It was the light that shines within, that light that I can see.


BawB's Raven Feathers

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