You are never alone. . .


. . . when you are with yourself.


I watch my old friend the sun as it rises slowly in the saddle of Mt. Swansea, its warm beams diffused for a moment by the trees that separate it from the earth below. At this moment in time, I feel my strongest—the energy inside me is stirred, the life in my soul is renewed to its full potential. My Raven spirit croaks his most formal “good morning” and is echoed by the handsome earthbound Raven sitting only a stone’s throw away, watching the morning’s activities with me.


Throughout my journey in this lifetime, I have always been able to see the beauty that surrounds me. I have also been able to hear the wind as it sings and the voices of the animals—I have an understanding of what they are saying in their own tongues, not in speaking voices like you and I share. It is important to me to learn from nature and then practice what I have learned.


To further my education in life, I spent a great deal of time by myself, but I was never alone because I was in the company of myself. If you are happy with who you are, then you will always be happy in whatever you are doing, and during the times you are on your own, you will be more attentive to your surroundings, much more at peace with life. This is not to say I am always happiest when I am alone, but I always appreciated my time to reflect.


We are a curious species. We often find ourselves daydreaming and disconnected. I think this is due to a lost desire to just be. We have become burdened with the responsibilities of existing and have lost the love of just simply being. Our curious nature leads us to wonder what everyone else is up to. We spend more time writing and waiting for texts than we do enjoying the moments of living. Our sunrise has been taken over by Facebook rising on our computers.


And now I must admit that I too have joined this world, but I use the
World Wide Web and Facebook to share my words and my inspiration with you. I connect to the world to tell the world to stop connecting and enjoy life for a moment. Le sighhhh. We will always be surrounded by life, but please, just remember to live it.


Take a moment to breath the air and watch the world go by,

You can once again spark your curiosity if you just give it a try.






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