When you feel good. . .


. . . you do good things.


I am starting now to see the tunnel. I know it’s there, and it’s taking shape. The tunnel is what’s left after you cross all the bridges you have built, and if you are really lucky, someone has left the light on at the end of that tunnel. But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here. As I mentioned in my last post, the steps involved in putting a book together are tedious and challenging but worth every moment of sleep lost.


I chose to walk this path, with much support from friends and family. I was asked to share my words with the world, which sounded easy enough. The trouble was, every path I followed was a dead end. I needed to build a bridge to get to a different path, to meet new people with specific talents and expertise, people who would walk with me and teach me how to see things from different directions. Now, seven months later, I am looking at a tunnel forming. This tunnel is the result of chiseling away at all my self-doubt and insecurities. This tunnel is as hard as granite and will lead me to the light at the other end.


The light, I suspect, will be my book selling, because people want to be inspired, people want to read and share my words, people believe in me. I am prone now to just sitting and reflecting on all the people I have met in my lifetime who have inspired me. All these people have seen their own lights, have chiseled out their own tunnels, and have done something because they believed they could do it.


I am reminded of how important it is during the tunnel construction process to have a team behind you: engineers who help you see things a different way, a safety crew to pick you up when you fall, a critics department always there to make sure you are staying within the guidelines you have created, and of course the morale team, to give you as much support as you can handle. Of course I speak of friends—all of them. Some may never know how much they have contributed, others will receive a hug for their outstanding achievements above and beyond the normal friendship requirements.


Believe in yourself and walk your path. If it leads to a dead end, look around, find a spot to build a bridge, cross it, and continue on you way. You will see the tunnel forming and there will be light at the end. Rest assured it is worth the effort. The rewards of self-respect and confidence are reason enough.


Take each step with ardent pride in any direction you choose,

As long as you are happy being you, it’s easier then to muse.






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