You cross that bridge. . .


. . . when you get to it.


This week I write of happier things, of events in my life that have transpired due to choices. I have built bridges in my mind that span the great distance between frustration and patience. Once the bridges were built, I chose to cross them. What waited on the other side was a place I chose to be.


My book is coming together, and so many wonderful people are behind me, helping to soften the path on which I walk. But still, the journey is arduous. Two steps forward, one step back, waiting, moving, changing, learning.


If ever you have wondered what is involved in the process of putting a book together, let me tell you: the first and most important steps are believing in you and finding patience. Then, an editor—find an editor you trust, one who understands your words, and for that, you will need some patience. Next, a promoter—someone who will answer all your questions and then help you find more patience yet. Finally, a designer—very important. The designer takes all the edited components and makes them look like a book. Waiting for the results requires, you guessed it, patience.


Now that you have patience, do you have the ability to relinquish control? Getting a book published is like deciding that you’re hungry but then allowing someone else to feed you. You might think you know the direction you want to go with your writing, but how you get there is in the hands of those who know better. Be patient.


All of you who know me know my nature, my spirit, and my ability to converse for hours with a tree. Well, this stretch of my life’s grand adventure has brought me to a bridge, and on the other side of that bridge is a dream, an accomplishment, a milestone, and a gift. On the other side of that bridge is the reason for all the patience: it is a book—written, edited, designed, and illustrated for the sole purpose of sharing my words and my thoughts with the world.


Don’t ever be afraid to build bridges, and don’t ever hesitate to cross them. If you have a dream, pursue it, ask questions, get answers. Trust those who have been there before, accept support from those who have not. Life is not just about wondering “what if?” It is also about wondering “what’s next.”


Amble your path, step by step, never burning a bridge you cross,

For such an act is of your own choosing and then becomes a loss.




One comment on “You cross that bridge. . .

  1. I, for one, am having trouble waiting patiently for your book to come out! 😀 Thanks for another great post, BawB!

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