Doors work both ways. . .


. . . they open for opportunity and close to adversity.


Sometimes we take where we are in life for granted and actually adapt ourselves to negative influences because they are all we know. Imagine if you were to accept only positive influences and energy?  Where would you be? Would your life be different? Would you be a different person? All our lives we are told to listen for opportunity knocking or to watch for a window of opportunity—does this mean we cannot make our own opportunities? Do we have to wait for someone else to provide them? What if they never happen and we waste our entire lives waiting?


So often we hear how short life is, but really, I have been here for a little over half a century and I’m thinking it hasn’t been all that short.  What I believe to be really short is our attention spans. It seems we become very forgetful where our happiness is concerned. How often do you listen to people confess that they wish their lives were different, that they had better jobs, bigger houses, more compatible relationships? Yet, they have become complacent. They are waiting for the “door” of opportunity to appear in front of them and just swing open with a welcome mat in front of it.


I have said this before, and I will say it again: everybody that is “somebody” started out as a “nobody.” Unless you are a king or a prince, you were probably born just like the rest of us, bare naked and wide eyed. As you grew, you either listened or you spoke, you watched or you did, you wished to be or you were. Now you are older, probably educated, and can choose what to make of your life. I surmise that with the right amount of belief in yourself, a tad of aggression, and a splash of desire, you can build your own window that is not only open, but also screened to keep out those nasty, inimical bugs.


I honestly believe that I’ve made the right choices in life so far. Some of them had hard lessons attached, and some of them came with wonderful adventures. I will continue to create my own opportunities while enjoying the choices I have made. If I had not made the conscious decision to share my thoughts and my writing, my book would not have materialized. Don’t wait for life to happen—stand up and happen to have a life.


You create the life you live, to be happy being you,

So be yourself and share a smile in all you say and do.








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