Can you hear what I see. . .


. . . I can see the wind.


For twenty-eight weeks now, I have been writing about my life, your life, and life in general. I have written about the importance of simply being. I have written about balance, and why it is important to achieve it. I have mentioned in passing that there is nature, energy, and light within our souls. And I have told you of the strength of the wind, its calming spirit and its power — it can caress or it can destroy, if you listen with your soul you will hear it sing, and I have heard the wind sing.


It is easy for me to write about life and living, because I am happy with life and I am living peacefully — I am being me. It is also easy for me to write about balance and spirits, because my Raven spirit is always with me, helping me to achieve balance. But I ask now, is it as easy for you to read my words? Do you hear what I am seeing? Have you ever read my words and then closed your eyes for even a second to listen?  When you express your happiness; it is your light, your love, and your smile that you share, if you should seek the meaning behind my words you will find only your own well being.


I do enjoy writing, as much as I enjoy being, because every week I share my words with the universe, and the universe sends me back energy — your energy. I see it in your smiles; I hear it in the calmness of your breathing. It is not my place nor my mission to save the entire world — instead, for the sake of my own well-being, it is my mission to see happiness, to feel pride in knowing that some of you passed my message along to a friend or two. Perhaps you told them how important simply breathing is to lighten the stress load, or possibly you turned someone’s bad day into a blissful adventure with just a smile.


I need to ask now, if I may, for all of you to tell two friends about me, about what I write and about how important it is to me that we share our energy and our smiles with everyone who cares to listen — or, anyone who cares to read my thoughts. I am enjoying planting this seed of simply being because it means so much to me to see you living even a little more calmly than yesterday. Please click the “Like” button, or follow via email, and let me know you are out there, my first book is nearing fruition and I would love to share it with you..


When a tree falls in the forest, of course it makes a sound, but it only lasts a minute

When you share a happy smile, it really makes a difference, because your heart is in it.






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  1. I’ve Tweeted to spread the word BaWb!

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