Tranquility. . .

. . .means having your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.

So you have resolved that dreaming is good, but you need also to remember that being grounded is essential in day-to-day living. Mother earth is an energy source, static, constant, never changing, your body is the conduit through which  earth energy flows, it can be channeled through the soul to create happiness and light, or it is released through the mind and can become creativity.

To remain grounded while you dream is to insure your dreams echo reality, then your dreams can turn into goals, or challenges, your dreams can become rewards or gifts to yourself. Grounded creative energy can be turned into art, books, music, or simply a hobby you enjoy, being creative is being a part of whatever you have fun doing.

It is always so refreshing to watch children play, as they have not yet learned of boarders or walls, they have no limitations, and children do not need to be grounded to believe. A child laughs inside at grownups because they can, a grownup laughs when they can because of the child inside, you are never too old to dream or to laugh.

The word grounded could then be considered a euphemism for keeping control of your dreams, don’t let yourself get carried away. I guess it would be safe to say, lust not for the riches of a dream, lest you forget the treasures of reality. Ground yourself, dream of the warmth of a sandy beach and the shade of a tall palm and then make it happen, not IF you can, but WHEN you can, or start small, dream of a walk through our beautiful mountains, then when the weekend comes, hop in your car drive to Banff and make it happen.

There should be no conditions to your happiness, it is yours to enjoy, however or wherever you choose. If dreaming is a way to make you happy then dream, go to a happy place, find peace within, put on your biggest smile and enjoy living the dream, your dream, right here on earth, feet on the ground, head in the clouds. Never stop believing in you, in what, and who you are, find your happiness by first being happy being you, then dream of designing different ways to enjoy being you.

Let your spirit soar high with outstretched wings

With the song of the wind, let your inner voice sing.



One comment on “Tranquility. . .

  1. Wonderful post about the balance between living in the now while still dreaming big dreams. Thanks BawB!

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