Paradise is lost . . .

. . . to those that fail to dream.

And dream I did, of a vacation surrounded by sun, sand and sea, with a warm breeze blowing in over the crystal blue waters. Is it a dream, no, as I sit and type these words I am indeed surrounded by paradise in Playa del Carmen. I find the moment surreal however because only a short time ago I was destined only to dream, but you must dream first before you can change your own reality.

How many times have you heard the statement “Life is what you make it” ? Well it’s true, if you make something of your life then you are living life to the fullest, if you choose not to dream of what life could be, then you will indeed fail to be a part of a different reality. It is so easy to coast through life, to become complacent with things the way they are, the way you have made them, the way you think they should be because it’s “normal”. Really? normal according to who? you, who have no other reality to compare your life to. I think my life is normal, until I compare it to someone who lives differently, then I rethink my definition of what normal could be.

Now I find it comforting to write down my thoughts and share them with you, to me this is normal, I find it uplifting to share a smile and watch as the energy of happiness is carried on through the day because I shared it. I found it perfectly normal to accept an invitation to spend two glorious weeks in paradise, and I find it equally normal to dream of the next time it will become a reality, my reality.

Honestly, if you fail to dream you will miss out on so many of life’s treasures, because each of your dreams is in itself and altered reality, a reality that could very well be a part of your life if you take the chance, or make the effort to achieve it. Are you really going to sock away that nest egg until the perfect time, again, perfect according to who? you, or life. Life doesn’t wait for perfection, it happens around you every minute, you have to join in,you have to live your dreams and change your reality.

The alternative to living your dreams is waiting until the perfect time never happens, then feeling sad because your life has passed you by. I waited half my life for the chance to share my inspirational thoughts with you, I thought I needed to be better than what I was, then I realized I can’t be any better at being me, because I am the only me there is. Just as you are the only one of you in world, be happy being you, be happy dreaming of paradise and don’t lose the chance to live it by waiting for that perfect moment, or life will pass you by.

Take the chance to take a step on some uncharted beach

Life is full of happiness and it’s always within reach.



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