Self . . .


. . . comes before esteem, respect, and image.


Our feelings about our Selves, which are so easily dismissed by some, are so vital and fragile. I have become much more enlightened as of late about my own self-confidence levels. There was a time when I doubted who I was, what I was capable of. I had been reduced to a shell of my essence. It didn’t take long to recoup and re-energize—with a trip to my mountains and by simply appreciating my Self, I was able to get back on a path of forward movement, growth, and belief.


Every now and then we are required to assess our own existence and, if required, purge all the negative energy that surrounds us. The creativity it takes to simply be can easily be smothered by false pretense, or doubt. When I started to write my inspirational words, I wasn’t sure who would read them: were they just my ideas of what life was, gifts given to me by my Raven spirit brother? Or was I venting my innermost feelings, my anguish? I wasn’t sure. It didn’t take long to realize I was writing from my soul—I was instilling positive energy into all who would listen.


I still write from my soul, I still listen to my Raven and to my friends, and I still appreciate life for the absolute joy of living. I believe in my heart that life energy is fluid, and like all fluids it will fill a static heart with love, life, and warmth. We were all born innocent and naïve. We grow to form aspirations and dreams, and we are rewarded for our successes and feel the weight of failures; we grow to protect our hearts, to understand differences in life, the quirks and nuances of individuals, and we become aware of our own Self. We spend a lifetime learning to believe in our Selves, strengthening our esteem, earning respect, and polishing our image. The feelings we have about the way we see our Selves are kept inside and are nurtured. They are indeed vulnerable and must be guarded, but they can never be taken from us—they are our essence.


To live happily, one should be happy to be alive. To be self-respecting, one should first understand pride. To grow, one should welcome knowledge. And to be wise, one should share wisdom. Walk your path, yearn for adventure, believe in who you are: you only have one chance at a first impression so make it one worth remembering. Anyone can tell you which direction to travel, but you make the final choice by yourself as to where you want to be.


We believe in who we are because we like ourselves;

Our essence needs to be expressed, not hidden on our shelves.






One comment on “Self . . .

  1. Unconditional love for ourselves is vital for true happiness – thank you for your words of inspiration, BawB.

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