To speak. . .


. . . is to share your voice.


Have we lost our voices? Do we now think that an email or a text is enough? When did the human race become slaves to electronic advancement? Or is it just me? Am I unable to step forward with a relaxed look at what I am missing? I miss voice, I miss hearing what people have to say, I appreciate the vocal tones and the feeling behind the words in a person’s voice.


Imagine if you were born into a world of only digital language, if you had never heard the words “I am happy” spoken with warmth and feeling. Would you know what happiness really was? It seems we are losing the gifts we were given to help us enjoy life. Can you remember playing with friends and knowing it was time to go home when the street lights came on? Now we are controlled by the little boxes in our pockets. We become stressed out when that little box vibrates and we become stressed out when it doesn’t.  Are we becoming Pavlov’s dog?


Forgive my seemingly negative writing this week, but I am troubled by our inability to communicate like people. We are losing our ability to feel. If you could see me right now you would not see a smile—you would know I was saddened by what I was writing. Or at the very least, if you were to sit and chat with me, you would hear the sadness in my voice. As it is you read my words and you are enlightened, but without feeling, they are just words. It is so important in this day and age that we retain our ability to feel and show compassion We need to hone our visual and auditory communication skills.


What does it take to pick up the phone? Oops, sorry, you likely already have the phone in your hand. Instead of typing text, type in a number and say hello, share some laughter, and use your voice to lol. And yes, I make it important in my life to reach out and touch my friends with my voice, every week. I can laugh or cry, share my happiness or excitement, and I know on the other end of the phone is a person who is listening.


Don’t lose your voice to progress; don’t sacrifice your verbal expression for text. Use the gifts you were given to paint auditory pictures, make someone happy, or share in their sadness. Say hello and put a smile in your voice.


A picture is painted by using your words, a story is told in your voice;

You forward with feeling whatever you’ve heard, because you can speak by choice.





One comment on “To speak. . .

  1. So true, BawB. I notice myself getting uptight when I spend too much time in front of screens instead of people.

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