See . . .


. . . not with your eyes but with your soul.


Can you see with your soul? Have you ever been mesmerized by the water rushing by as you stood by a river? It’s just water, and yet you watched it, for what seemed like an eternity—that was energy you were watching. Your eyes saw the power in the rushing water, but your soul saw the energy behind the power. So it is true also for people—we meet people and can “know” things about them, based on what the soul sees. For some, essence is seen in a persons light, for others it is seen as energy, but for most, human essence is seen in a smile or the sparkle in the eyes.


I remember when I was little, and yes I was little once, my dad taught me that the measure of a man is first felt in his hand. A handshake when greeting speaks volumes as to who we are. The same bodes true of a hug or a smile—both are ways of being genuine as a person, ways of sharing our energy. And it is not surprising why we “feel” our way around in a crowd—so much energy, so many smiles.


When I am by myself, it doesn’t mean I am alone. I always have a smile to share with myself; I can always feel my energy. It is as easy for me to go for a ride in the wind, as it is to sit at my desk and write these words. Life flows, like the river—it is energy. You are capable of harnessing that energy from the very first moment in your day. You set your own level of life energy by simply being you.


If you have a pet, then you have a teacher of unconditional insight. Your cat teaches independence but still comes to you to share his or her energy. Your dog teaches patience and has a smile for you no matter what. Animals share with us the power of life by sharing their ability to just simply be. Nature is our window to life, through all adversity and trauma. Nature continues to share the power of the wind and the river, the serenity of the flora, and the energy of the fauna.


You simply need to enjoy life, to see the world and all that surrounds you with your soul. To see the beauty of living, be comfortable being yourself and believe in your ability to feel the energy of others. Rid yourself of any animosity and enjoy being you.


See life with your eyes, feel living in your soul;

The world is full of energy, make happiness your goal.







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