Diamonds reflect light . . .


. . . you reflect life.


The life you reflect is your own. Your life is a collection of the efforts, the beliefs, and the outcomes of your day-to-day living. Reflections are not just what you see in the toaster or a mirror—reflections are the words spoken about you, the stories written about what you have done, a reputation or an impression that you have made. Your life is indeed what you make it, and it lasts not only for the time you spend on Mother Earth, but also for many lifetimes after you have gone.


Think of a well-recognized person, someone famous, some individual that really made a difference. Is he or she with us, living and breathing, or did you think of a person long-since gone?  You don’t have to become rich or famous, you don’t have to fly to the moon and back, but you do have to believe that what you are doing right now is making a difference. It could be as simple as opening a door for a total stranger, and doing it with a smile. You will be remembered, and talked about—your smile will be shared, and you may not even know the difference you made in that stranger’s life.


I believe that my Raven spirit shares with me his feathers because he is happy to see the smiles shared on the path I walk. I believe I am making a difference by sharing these words with you. I am no different than you, and I am certainly no better or smarter than you—I just believe that what I am doing might make a difference to one person one day, and a smile will be shared; maybe a hug in the wind will travel for miles, touching many along the way. I believe in me, in who I am, and I am happy being me, because I can share my smiles with you.


Whatever it is you do, believe in your abilities. If you are one of those skeptical types who swears up and down you have no abilities, look at yourself in the mirror, say hello to your reflection, then go out to the world and reflect life. Just one simple smile and life will have changed for someone. One hug, or even one “attaboy,” and you have made a difference. It’s up to you to be you, and it’s because of you that someone’s life might change.


Shine as bright as you possibly can, reflect your life this way

Take the opportunity, to make somebody’s day.







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