Open your wings . . .

. . . and feel the wind.

I dream often. It is my solace in life, my escape from reality. Now don’t get me wrong here, I love reality. Some of my best friends live in reality, but I still enjoy dreaming. It is our last and closest frontier. Dreaming is our window to a realm of our own choosing—we can escape to a daylight excursion to the tropics, or a night-time rendezvous with a long-forgotten quest.

Keep in mind, my friends, that dreams are not just ethereal. Dreams are also linked to our reality by an unseen quantum continuum. I used to dream of being retired and being a writer, owning a small camper, and ambling around the countryside. Now, three out of four have become reality—I am still working on the writing part. These dreams and many more have transpired because I allow myself to dream; dreams are not wishes but doorways to walk through when the time is right. We create our own opportunities. While most folks are waiting for opportunity to knock, I say, build your own door. Ask opportunity in for a chat and create your own reality.

I used to enjoy many a relaxing afternoon lying on grassy slopes watching the clouds roll by and daydreaming about life, about how I could be living. Those dreams were simple. They were based on a stress-free existence in a world surrounded by beauty; they were dreams of being happy with who I am and of being balanced in everyday life. Now I reflect: were they dreams, or could they have been windows to a future reality? Well, as I sit here now sharing my thoughts with you, I am convinced I have been here before—déjà vu—and I am now just living those dreams I once had.

It is important to dream, to step out of the race for a rest, to let go of any constraints you might have. It is imperative to believe in yourself, to forgive yourself, and to acknowledge yourself. You need to dream in order to build doors and open windows. Vision is not just physically seeing, but also mentally surrounding yourself with a panorama of peaceful existence and recognizing that you belong there, wherever “there” may be. You control who you are; you are, in reality, the author of your life. You write one day, one page at a time. In reality, you are the dreamer of your own dreams. You are entitled to live in the here and now, and there in the future— your future.

Dream of being at one with the clouds and spread your feathered wings,

Embrace the wind as it carries you higher and join the wind as it sings.



3 comments on “Open your wings . . .

  1. Thanks for always reminding me to dream big, BawB!

  2. Pat Carroll says:

    My wings needed some flexing, but they still work. Thank you.

  3. Carrie M says:

    Thanks for another great post BawB!
    I also love your new tagline. It’s perfect!

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