Believe in what you cannot see . . .

. . . and you will see things you cannot believe!

This has been so true many times in my life. I have needed to believe in myself to achieve things I never thought possible, like passing that exam, riding to California on my motorcycle, waterskiing barefoot, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, and living on the side of a mountain and sharing the woods with the wildlife. Yes, I believed in what I couldn’t see, my inner self, and this got me through many wonderful things—things I could not believe.

Now, today, I sit here and share with you my beliefs, my thoughts, and my energy with the intention of introducing you to you. You have a person inside of you whom you cannot see. Do you believe in yourself, in your abilities? When was the last time you did something incredible?  What did you feel? Would you do it again? Now ask yourself, is living really all about just getting by? Is it just about listening to the  accomplishments of others, or is your life more important than that? I think it is. I think you have had some hidden desire, some well-kept secret about something you desperately want to do. Could this be the time you believe in yourself and reach for the moon?

Throughout my life, I have watched, listened, and learned. Some things I did with others to make sure I did them right, and some things I experienced on my own because they just felt right.  Never once did I fail to believe in myself. Oh yes, I have felt fear, and I am alive today due to a healthy respect for my limitations, but I believed in me, and I challenged myself. I rewarded myself for success and thanked myself for trying when I failed. Believe me, I failed at many things, but I learned from my mistakes. I believe any failure you can walk away from is a lesson learned and a chance to try again.

In life, we have the good fortune of not being the first ones here. We as a species have watched humankind grow through countless years of adaptation and growth. We have needs and we create—if it is necessary we will invent it. But through the years, the later years mainly, we have reverse engineered the living out of life; we have stripped the belief out of believing.

Well, I don’t believe I have seen the last of personal satisfaction. I do believe that each and every one of you believes in the you that lives inside. You can’t see this person, but if you continue to believe, you will see things in you, beyond belief.

Every time you hear your drums you give yourself a chance,

To realize you are unique, and then have another dance.



One comment on “Believe in what you cannot see . . .

  1. Carrie M says:

    BaWB, once again you’ve written a post that inspires me! Thank you!

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