Life . . .

. . . transpires between aspiration and accomplishment.

Life really can happen when we are not looking, so we should enjoy living each and every moment. Each week when I sit down to put my thoughts together, I aspire to produce something that you may be interested in reading, and a moment later I have accomplished this task. I have lived in that moment. I don’t mean just living by breathing, I mean living by remembering life, enjoying memories—drifting away to images of events that put a smile on my face.

Writing is different for everyone. There are so many brilliant authors out there who can close their eyes and create a world full of events, full of energy; the stories are real life or real imagination. I write because I feel energy—your energy.  I can see your light. I know that you aspire to be, well, to be you, but with all the daily stresses and the continuously evolving environment, it’s hard sometimes to remember who you are.

I had a chance to visit with a friend of mine this week. He is my sounding board, my true “echo” if you will. He listens to what I have to say then shares his opinion of the topic at hand, which alters my own perception of it. We got on the topic of people and how they sometimes think less of themselves. And, well, we came to the conclusion that for every person not happy with their life, there is a person who would trade with them in a heartbeat. For those that have forgotten how wonderful their life can be, is why I write what I do; I aspire to share my energy with everyone. And I want to share my energy not just with the people who need a lift every now and then, but also with the people who are just fine simply being.

To accomplish living, we only need to enjoy each moment for what it is—life. We set our goals, or at least we should set goals, as something to aspire to. And when these goals are met, we feel a sense of accomplishment. We have lived. I set a goal to publish my words, to share them with the world. This goal started years ago with my status updates on Facebook. I am still looking forward to each day, and each day I accomplish my task. This may sound like a repetitive accomplishment to some, but to me it is living my dream by sharing my reality.

I aspire to be an author someday,

I am happy to write what I do.

I will accomplish my dream in this way,

By sharing my thoughts with you.



3 comments on “Life . . .

  1. Thanks for allowing us, the readers, to be a part of that dream!

  2. darcox says:

    Living the dream..dreaming the Life!

  3. Carrie M says:

    This is so true: “…but with all the daily stresses and the continuously evolving environment, it’s hard sometimes to remember who you are.”

    Thank you for a much-needed reminder!

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