A man a plan …


. . . a canal panamA

Why open with a palindrome, you ask? Well, because I was reminded again this week that for every forward there is a backward, for every success there is a failure, and of course for every silver lining there is a cloud. As I mentioned last week, we need the negative stimuli in our positive lives to keep us balanced. How we react to this stimuli is what makes us who we are in life — it is how people see us. In fact, it can very often be the first impression people have of us.


Karmically speaking, if you are the type who flows when you go, then you will be rewarded; conversely, if your flow stops with the smallest of upset, then, and this is just strange in itself, you will be plagued with negative circumstance until you develop an easier way of living life. I have found, recently, as the weather gets nicer, my thoughts are turning to everything but writing, and then I am reminded by that gentleman who greets me in the mirror every day, that I write for fun, it’s not a job, it is sharing my thoughts with all of you, and I enjoy it.


Just like hopping on the Harley is my freedom, writing is becoming more and more my therapy. It gives me a chance to relax, find my balance, and reflect. And when I am done, I go back and read where my thoughts took me that week. Really, if any of you were wondering, this is all free flowing, writing at its best — creativity from the mind of a man who doesn’t mind, so it really doesn’t matter.


There are times when I can’t think of a thing to share, and it is in those times that I am troubled. I begin to wonder, to doubt, and to question what it is I am doing. That is the negative stimulus I speak of. But two-point-seven minutes later, I am energized by believing positively I have something to share. And before you know it a page is created. I am fine with my flowing life, with the energy that surrounds me. I even went as far as to accept the non-palindromic spelling of BawB, because, after all, life is all about creating your own flow to go with.


Take a minute and sit for a bit, do whatever it is you do to find your freedom, make a moment to find and appreciate your balance. If you are stressed, breathe, if you are troubled, seek contentment. Leave the worlds problems be for now — they will solve on their own this time. You have your orb of existence to deal with, you are the centre of your own universe, your light is your sun, your good energy is your gravity. Draw in those who surround you positively, and make a fabulous first impression, the first time around.


Your light is your life, your energy is for living;

Your soul is yours to keep, your heart is for forgiving.





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