There are two sides…


. . . to every coin.


I start every morning the same way: I have a smile on my face before my feet hit the floor, then on the way out to the kitchen I assess the night’s toll — back, sore, hands, sore, neck, tolerable; two out of three, it’s going to be a good day. I put the coffee on, let Levi out for his morning run, notice I slept in until 0530 (YaY), then into the bathroom to share a smile with myself in the mirror. And that’s the start of my day, every day; it’s been this way for years, it will be this way for years to come. It is the positive side of my coin.


On the negative side are stressors that I cannot control: bills, taxes, the weather, the price of gas, etc. These have no effect on my positive nature because I am powerless to change them, but they are negative, so I let them live on their own side of the coin. The other issues I face on a daily basis are deadlines, schedules, and plans to make and to keep. Maintenance of both myself and my house are in my control, but if they are not dealt with positively, they can become negative stressors, so they too can live on the negative side of the coin.


Now you might ask why I have a two-sided coin. That’s easy — for balance. If everything went exactly as I planned it, if every single day happened with no issues or hiccups, then life would become mundane. We need the odd glitch thrown into our day to offer us challenge, to enable us to better our response times under pressure and to better react to the failure of plans.


Once an issue is resolved, it’s back to simply being, and of course back to my schedules and routines, writing, reading, solving the world’s problems with friends, and continually tweaking everything I own. Energy is fluid, constantly changing, and so is the way things look around here. I am always happy with how things are, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be just as happy if I changed this a little bit, or that just a tad. Some folks call me handy; I call it clearly adaptive to non-recognized trends.


Stay focused on staying happy when you wake up. Smile — no one will see you, and if they do, share it. If you are alone, share it with that beautiful person looking back at you in the mirror. Your life is yours: live it, find your balance, flip your coin, and get on with simply being you.



A coin is balanced with only two sides, each side you need to see;

Dealing with things while wearing a smile promotes simple harmony.






One comment on “There are two sides…

  1. You’re so right BawB – this is a great reminder to stay positive despite challenges. After all, how could we appreciate the good without any negative?

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