If you Blink…

. . . you will miss it.

I am, of course, speaking about life. With all of the energy I have been sharing as of late, I am reminded of just how short life can really be. I know we never really take the time to think about it these days as there is so much going on in the world—energy this, crisis that, budgets, deadlines, economy woes, etc.

Do we have any time left in our day to reflect on our lives, to remember the people who make our lives happier? Do we, no wait, do YOU make the time to send a smile to your friends? You have them; some have been with you all your life, and others are new but mean just as much. Have you ever sat down and thought of what life would be like without those friends? I apologize for sounding austere, but as I mentioned, life really is short and we only have one crack at it.

In the last little while, a wonderful friend of mine crossed, and with his crossing came the opportunity to reconnect with some very important and dear friends, all of whom are alive and well and happy to hear from me. Why then did I wait for a reminder from the soul of one friend to connect with the souls of others?  We become complacent with life; we believe there will always be a tomorrow to connect, to share a smile or a hug, to tell friends how much they are loved or let them know how important they are to you.

Well my friends, I am sending this “word hug” out to all of you today because you mean a great deal to me. You are reading my words, sharing my thoughts, and without you, I would not simply BE because you all make my life simply wonderful.

Use these words today to reach out, share your energy, your thoughts; share a smile or a hug; sign on to Facebook or tweet or blog your way into your friends’ lives and let them know you are thinking about them. You may be surprised at just how happy they will be to share a smile back with you.

Don’t wait for that day to finally arrive, it’s already been a while;

Today is the day to make a minute to share your biggest smile.



One comment on “If you Blink…

  1. Such a great reminder to enjoy life in the now – thank you! Great start to my Monday 🙂

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