I wish I may…

. . . I wish I might.

Really, why bother? Wishing is only an excuse to not have. Many of us justify failures by saying, “Oh well. My wish didn’t come true.” Could be time to stop wishing and start doing. Have you ever really thought about what you wish for? Like material things, or lots of money? These things are in your control if you choose them instead of wishing for them. Most often you will find that a little hard work and belief in yourself will bring you anything you like.

What if you wish for happiness and peace in the world? Well, this too can come true, if you choose to wish within your control: wish for happiness and peace in YOUR world, and then, make it happen. Better yet, save your wishes for best wishes upon another and then get on with making your life happen.

I used to wish I could do things better, or I would wish for better things, and what I found was that the degree of my wanting was commensurate with my obtaining. I really wasn’t wishing at all—I was designing my own future and calling it wishing. I was hired by the University of Calgary many years ago as a network technician. After years of wishing I could be better at it, I took courses, paid attention, and honed my skills to be the best I could be. Wishing for it didn’t have any effect whatsoever.

Recently, I was told I should sit down and write a book. My mom had always said that, but as we all know, moms are a bit biased and tend to over-exaggerate our talents, so I wished I had something worth writing about. Turns out I had already written my book, I just needed to find the right people to help me make it happen. Again, wishing had nothing to do with it—I found the right people and made it happen.

I don’t want to discourage wishing in any way; it’s good for us, but set yourself up for success, and instead of wishing, try wanting. Try wanting enough to make it happen, control your destiny, and shape your own future. We have enough excuses for failure, and don’t you think blaming a failed wish is, well, a little passé? Stand up for yourself—I did. I found my own happiness, which in turn made those around me happier. I found solace in my writing, I found strength in my belief in who I am, and I no longer wish for anything. It’s just easier now to believe in what is rather than wish for something that may never be.

Gaze upon an evening star, and marvel in it’s light.

Believe in who you really are, and let your soul take flight.



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