Do you listen…

. . . to the you that lives inside?

We sure get comfortable with life, don’t we? Things happen as they are supposed to. We perform out routines, well, routinely. Every now and then, we throw a change into our lives to break up the monotony, a new vehicle, a new job, even a new pair of shoes will bring a ray of sunshine to a cloudy day. We are indeed simple creatures, but we often forget how to live and enjoy. So much of our time is wasted overanalyzing simple daily occurrences or reacting to things that may have been said the wrong way or things that are said in a two-dimensional format, without vocal expression or tone, as in texts or emails.

I have been working on a project for the last little while, and I perceived that everything was going wonderfully. However, I forgot to include wait time in my perception of wonderful. Quite often we become so wrapped up in what we are doing that we create our own timelines, self-designed expectations of what we deem appropriate. Well, I am learning now to listen to my own words, to breathe, and to enjoy the moments I am given. My project will unfold, and it will be successful, but it will do so at a rate that is predetermined by all the other factors that must happen as a whole.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in life is that the most beautiful things in nature take the longest time to BE, everything will come to pass, in it’s own time, if you can help it along then do so, but, maintain a calm to ensure a balance in whatever you are doing. If you rush, you will miss something; if you take too much time, you will dissolve the moments of anticipation; if you expect something, you will see disappointment, as not everyone will be on your page.

I sit quietly now, gazing at my reflection in the calm waters of life. My thoughts are collecting, my dreams are materializing—my project will be, and I am balanced, but it took a ripple in my calm to open my eyes. Watch for your ripples, listen to the wind, take a moment to heed all those around you who share their knowledge and experience. They have been on your path before you—it is their footprints you are following. Go in their direction to find what you seek, then, create your own path of footprints for others to follow.

Listen to your inner voice, believe in who you are;

Keep the balance in your life, while reaching for your star.



2 comments on “Do you listen…

  1. This is a great reminder to be patient, BawB. Thank you! It’s a goal of mine this month to cultivate inner stillness.

  2. And continue to write while you wait!

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