Onward to the light

Of a Brand New Day…

Time seems to be slipping by faster these days, and of course there is no explanation, however I do have a theory. As we get older we tend to see life differently, we do not weigh our existence on our successes and failures, instead we tend to recognize the little things as being important and pleasing, remembering where we put our keys, sending out birthday greetings, the rewarding things in life. I find that I am not waiting for anything anymore, life is just happening at its own pace, which in turn, I think, helps time pass that much quicker.

I am actually looking forward now, not waiting, for the weekend to get here, so I can sit and share these words with you, to put in writing what I’m thinking, and hopefully spreading a smile or two around out there, creating some happy ripples. I find more enjoyment out of my life since I am no longer hurrying to be somewhere, isn’t it true that the more you hurry the further behind you get, with practice, it is possible to really relax and use the minutes in a day like the wind in a sail, you’ll get there. In my writings I mention how important it is to focus, to learn how to breathe, again, yes, most of us forget how to breathe, we have become lazy and fill only the top 1/3rd of our lungs with air, imagine, no wonder we are out of breath, and out of focus. Should you take a few moments each day, and give yourself the time to close your eyes, concentrate on the light in your soul and breathe deep into your diaphragm, you will find a wonderful euphoric feeling comes over you, and this my friends is balance. Some of my friends find  great peace and strength in yoga, others in dance, so many ways to find yourself, so many ways to believe in yourself.

These moments I have now to share, is my release, my focus and inevitably my balance, I am having so much fun living, that there just isn’t enough time in the day for life to get in the way, and that, In my opinion is why time passes quicker when you are having fun. I hope that while I am on this path, and living this adventure that I can throw this fun I am having to the wind and have it carried to wherever you may be, if even for just a single moment, or for one relaxing, eyes closed breath, that you could share in my light, my energy, and then pass your happiness on, in the wind, to someone in your world that needs a hug or a giggle.

I will continue to write, to share these feathers of life, as long as I am able to soar with my Raven Spirit in the warm winds, I look forward every day to knowing you are enjoying reading what I have to say, because without you, my words would go un-noticed.

With every step forward you create your own past

In it are the memories that make happiness last.



One comment on “Onward to the light

  1. Beautiful words, as always, BawB – thanks for sharing.

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