Is not just in your vision…

It is also necessary in your words and your actions, I am learning that most folks will think they understood what they thought I said, but is what I wrote really what they thought I meant. In these early stages of my adventure I am learning clarity, or would it be better to say I am learning to ask questions so as to understand better where this journey will take me. So many avenues, so many outcomes, and the people I am meeting along they way are, for lack of a better term, professional writers, published authors of incredible books and stories. I, on the other hand still feel like a kid at my first circus, amazed at everything that’s going on, thinking one day, I am going to join this circus and run away… well here I am, a part of it now, and the media circus has transformed into a wonderful new world, inhabited by amazing gifted people, all of them artists and acrobats in their own right, performing mind-boggling feats with pen and prose… oops… I meant keyboard and prose, turning words and sentences into colorful expressions of story and verse.

I have found that my words and feelings, come from my soul, they are meant as inspiration, and hopefully, can be taken as only positive, but, that’s where clarity comes in, I believe if you are in a positive state of mind and you read my thoughts, you stay positive, however if you a having a bad day, do my thoughts then become a “shot” at you because you are not feeling positive. Somehow I try to maintain a flow, of positive energy, so when my words are read, no matter how you are feeling, you feel better, knowing, clearly, I too have had bad days, in fact, I had a bad year once, but I managed to “see” clearly that clouds are just momentary offerings of shade, the sun still shines behind them.

There are so many ways to “see” and perceive, so many ways to misunderstand spoken or written words, reading becomes important, listening with your eyes and ears, understand what is being said or told to you, taking the time to appreciate that someone has gone to great lengths to share their words and ideas, or, to include others in the wisdom gained or lessons learned, so as to help others avoid the same mistakes. If I had a nickel for every time my folks said “you’ll thank me when you get older” I would indeed be a rich man. Well, I am older, sharing now with all ages, what I have learned, what I have felt, and what I enjoy most, sharing positive light energy, and word hugs.

You can’t turn off the light in your soul, it always shines in there,

The choice you have with each new day, is how much you want to share.


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