Is not just in diamonds, it is also in you…

I have been so happy over the holidays, just being, surrounded by good people, wonderful friends and the energy of the season. If I had to pick a moment to reflect on it would be during a discussion about life with a dear friend and hearing the words “your writing says a lot to a lot of people”. Honestly, I had no idea that these words I share with you were anything more than spiritual release for me, inspiration I hear and believe in every day, life, as I see it. The rhyme, comes natural and the sharing, now, is really what it’s all about.

Everyone I have been talking to has either wished they could write or has something they have written, I tell them all to appreciate the gift they have and share what they have done in some way. It’s not just about writing, there is also an art to reading, and without those artists out there, books would go un-noticed. I have been meeting these people that read with passion, the ones that curl up in front of the fire place with a cup of tea and a blanket, and lose themselves in a book, in no time at all they take part in the world of which they are reading. It is these artists that then take the book and paint with it, pictures of plot and setting, character reference, and even at times can set their expressions to an imaginary orchestra to fill the spaces… they share the book they have enjoyed with others, and that, truly is an art.

These things I write, these visions and inspirations are meant for everyone, not just the artists, but the up and coming aspiring souls, the people just like me, that look in the mirror every day and see the same wonderful person looking back at them. If I can share even one hug, or one smile each day, I am satisfied in being, because that smile, will be passed on, that hug will find it’s way around the world, as it is not limited to contact, a hug and a smile can be shared in the wind, with anyone who chooses to feel it.

So today, after reading these words, share this hug with the wind, send it to all those you love and all those that need love…share your smile with the world today and watch how the world will smile back…

Energy is fluid it flows from within…

Keep happiness in your heart and you wont go without.

BawB 🙂

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