If you think positively

negativity will have no room to exist…

I wish I could say it’s easy all the time to think positive, it’s not, there are times when the only thought that enters your mind is “why”, “why me”, “why now”, “why this”, “why that”…does it really matter why? it just is. I have found over the years that positive thinking, changes the flow of energy within, it may take a little effort, but i ask, is your happiness worth the effort, is the happiness of someone you care for worth the effort, and really, does it take that much effort to form a thought. Each new day comes as it has since we first became cognitive, and now that we have the ability to think, we forget we have control of our own thoughts. Thats right, we can control what and how we think, we choose to take a direction, we choose a flavor, we have options in life as to how we will live with each passing moment… happy, or sad… you are skeptical, okay try this, “chocolate “… how many thoughts passed through your mind in that one second, could you taste it, smell it, did you choose to think about it, or did it just happen… those are your thoughts, now think happy.

If you take that one moment, to believe, to close your eyes (not if you’re driving) and breathe, in that moment you can now change the way you think, you can re-think…”why”… turn it into, “why, this is wonderful”, “why, what a surprise”, “why, i never would have had this opportunity if”… the difference is, life happens, enjoy it, enjoy just being, stop competing with you, because you are already the best you can be at being you, no one else could ever come close.

I believe in what I write, I choose to write about you, about how important you really are, I think, about thinking, I often close my eyes and make thoughts happen, happy thoughts, it’s kind of like exercising your mind, with a smile on your face, the more you exercise the easier it becomes to smile about everything, especially those things in life you cant control… really, why fret about the weather, it just is, so if it rains, splash in the puddles, if its windy fly a kite, if it’s too hot, get an ice cream cone… be happy, being you.

Share your energy as you amble your path, positive or negative, it is your energy, if you share it, it flows, it becomes a way of life,choose to live positively. My energy has brought me here, to this page, to sharing these words, to sharing a hug in the wind, to spreading the importance of you, smile back at that person in the mirror, because that person asks nothing from you that you wouldn’t give yourself…


Your energy doesn’t follow a path, it creates a path you can choose to follow.

One comment on “If you think positively

  1. Michelle says:

    I love reading your thoughts……….

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