Life is…

About living.

I am certainly one for living life, i have had many adventures, many successes and of course many failures. Living is also about learning, from successes and failures, from listening, and from friends I have met along the way. I suppose one should start from the beginning, I was taught by my Mom to love life, and my Dad taught me to Respect it, the rest of my journey was learning by experience mostly, my choices, whether right or wrong, were all made by me, and I accepted the outcomes, I was responsible.

So, here I sit now, writing, sharing, learning and accepting the wonderful feeling of elation I get from the feedback of friends, and people I have yet to meet that are doing exactly the same things for exactly the same reason. Some came by the gift of expression naturally, some picked it up as they grew, some write wonderful books of fiction, stories to amuse, entertain, and to stimulate the mind, others write of experience, share knowledge and write about living. Some share passion in music with the world,  they write songs of life and wonder, they can express  passion using music, several of my friends use ink to express their art, on the body as tattoos or on paper as incredible illustrations, Art is expression, what is in our souls and our hearts is shared with enthusiastic energy, be it visual,oral,olfactory or tactile, it is only appreciated when it is shared. I, use words, to encourage, to inspire, I “see” life, light and energy. I have always been a part of life, I have always been able to express feelings, I have hugged a tree, and yes, trees have energy, I have hugged my huskies, and yes they actually hugged back, and I have even hugged my ferrets, although smaller on the scale of hugging, still it was a very warm and rewarding experience.

I share now with people that have shared with me, I share with Friends I haven’t met yet, I share with the souls that have touched my life, that have influenced me and made a difference, I share with you because you are reading this… and possibly you will share with another… and the ripples will emanate… the universe listens to what we say, our energy is what shapes our day.

Believe in everything you do…and all the world remembers you.


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