It only takes a heartbeat

To begin a life…

And here I am, beginning a new life, no wait, I have a wonderful life, I am starting out on a new adventure in my existing life, enhancing my awareness of all that surrounds me, feeling new energy and sharing smiles with wonderful new people. This being my second of many posts, may be the opportune time to introduce myself… I am BawB, born Robert L Chomany, right here in Calgary Alberta over half a century ago… huh, sounds like forever, and so far, it has passed in the flap of a hummingbirds wing… life is not meant to be measured, it is meant to be enjoyed, no matter how long it takes.

So why, Raven Feathers, and why BawB, well, first, the BawB comes from my Grandma on my Dads side, she was Hungarian,very proud,very beautiful, and she spelled things the way they sounded…BawB came to be,and has stayed with me, it keeps me feeling just a little different… as for the Raven Feathers, this is the spiritual part of my journey, in this life. I recognized the soul of my Raven Spirit Guide from lifetimes past. He came to me again in this life, sharing his strength, his wisdom and his guidance. He has shown me how to fly, how to talk and how to listen, we have sat together at the fires of life and spoke of adventures and journey’s to come. The Raven that has been with me for many lifetimes now shares with me his stories, his feathers, so I might one day take flight.

Now, today, it feels like this is what I need to do, to share my poems, my bawbism’s if you will, with the world, I write to be inspirational, I write to share a smile or a hug in the form of words, I write to let people know that they are the most important people in the universe, because they are, because you are all, the very best at being you.

Everyone that is someone, started out being no one in particular…

and no one has ever been someone like you.


2 comments on “It only takes a heartbeat

  1. Rachel says:

    Beautiful – thank you for sharing your “Bawbisms” – love the term!

  2. I like “a hug of words” – remember that…

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