From the smallest of raindrops…

To the mightiest of rivers…

Well I have taken the first step towards sharing my words with the world, pointed in the right direction with the help of my editor Rachel Small and my consultant/promoter  Susan Toy, and of course not to mention the patience and support of my friends and family over the years. Needless to say when one starts out just jotting down ideas, then actually forming words into sentences and paragraphs  with texture and meaning… the whole “book” thing is still a long way away from reality. Then, and I have yet to figure out why or when the process started, I just began to visualize I suppose, actually sharing my inspirations and poetry with the world.

I will continue to write and share my journey,and my adventures as they unfold, some of you have been here, some are sharing the same path, when all is said and done, without our desire to share our thoughts and our words, others would not learn, imagine or dream…. and of course, suffice is to say, without those that read our thoughts and words, we would be like that tree falling in the forest… silent.

I am looking forward sharing with you my Raven Feathers, little bits of life experience, inspiration and lessons learned along my way…


3 comments on “From the smallest of raindrops…

  1. Baby steps and deep breaths… this is a good start!

  2. Rachel says:

    I can’t wait to read about your journey! 🙂 Such a wonderful meeting yesterday.

  3. Keep those fingers working away. You have such a journey to tell and explore 🙂 Way to go!

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